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REAL Estate From The Ground Up - Wire Fraud is No Joke

By Blair Mus / 11/2/2018 /
Imagine that you are getting ready to buy a home.  You looked for it, found it, negotiated on it and went through all the hoops necessary to close.  Just prior to closing, you get an email f... Read More

REAL Estate From The Ground Up - What Does a Changing Market Mean?

By Blair Mus / 11/1/2018 /
So things have changed a bit since the end of Spring.  No doubt about it, homes are taking longer to sell, price drops are becoming common and buyers have become, dare I say…picky.  W... Read More

REAL Estate from the Ground Up – Is Summer Really the Best Time to Sell My House?

By Blair Mus / 10/17/2018 /
I get the question all the time, “Blair, isn’t the Summer the best time to sell my house.” My answer is that in many ways, Summers are better for BBQing than they are for home sellin... Read More

REAL Estate from the Ground Up – Introducing!

By Blair Mus / 7/25/2018 /
Hello! Welcome to the inaugural post for BMG’s Real Estate Blog, REAL Estate from the Ground Up. BMG is proud to announce the launch of our new website which comes complete with both featured li... Read More